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Our Food

The kitchen team at Joie restaurant is made up of chefs and assistants covering many nationalities. They all bring a unique contribution. Some have been with the company for many years; others are more recent arrivals to this eclectic mix dedicated to great cooking led by the head chef and sous chefs.

Influenced by the new wave dining trend in Europe and Taiwan, Joie’s team of international chefs presents a modern creative meatless cuisine that gives a dining experience like no other.

Our chefs believe that only the best food should be served to the customers and on top of that, the value of dinning goes beyond the food. A lot of effort, dedication and creativity are put into the menu design to ensure that customers can get the best food and the most unique dining experience when they visit the restaurant.

With its groundbreaking recipes, lavish visual presentation and innovation in food, our chefs have made Joie one of the most exciting restaurants in Singapore.

Diners can look forward to a 4-course set lunch or a choice of 5 or 6 course set dinner that is made up of their own selection.